Old 99, Mexico to Canada


The Tahitian Village in Reseda, an example of 1960’s South Sea Island influenced buildings

Java Jive in Tacoma

The Java Jive in Tacoma, it’s still there and serving good food, dancing and drinks

Big Miner and Burro, Albany, OR

The miner and burro in Albany, Oregon

Gas Station on Old 99 near the old Sno-King

Gas Station on Old 99 near the old Sno-KIng


The Twin Teepees near Beth’s Café and the Woodland Park Zoo on Aurora Avenue (U. S. 99)

Bob Murray's Doghouse off Old 99

Bob Murray’s Doghouse off Old 99 near Denny Way in Seattle and their menu

Bomber in Milwaukee Oregon

Bomber on building in Milwaukee, Oregon, after WW II is this where many old warcraft ended up and as kids it was always fun to see them

Remember this on old '99

Remember this on old ’99

Roadside Attractions in Washington

What a great road, Highway 99 and now, like another great road US 66, they have been decommissioned. A couple of years ago a good friend and I went from Illinois to California on the “Mother Road”, as Route 66 is called.

Well U. S. 99 is another great road. Before Interstate travel, the trip from Canada to Mexico and Tijuana and Ensenada was done by travelling through some great scenery. There was all of the wonderful road side art in the form of innovative buildings, like the Hat and Boots gas station on East Marginal Way near Boeing. The infamous Beth’s Café and the home of the 10 egg omelet. These are just some of the pictures that I have posted that I found on the internet. There is also a picture of the Tahitian Village Apartments in Reseda, California where I lived in 1965. It was close enough to the great Pacific Highway for it to count.

Roadside Attractions on Old 99 and other Washington


These are the people you should contact about the Parkers piece. They have a lot of very fine videos.


This will bring back great memories, donate if you can to their project

And this is how you contact the people that put up the 1938 Video

One thought on “Old 99, Mexico to Canada

  1. really enjoyed the videos…especially the video of the 1938 motorcycle stunts…that guy was nuts! what kind of bike was that? a harley or maybe an indian?

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