The Ancestors in New Ulm, The Rachors

Here is the latest information I have found. Oh, and the Homestead Act of 1862 gave the green light to settlers to homestead on land given the Sioux by the Treaty of 1851. These are two links to information on the subject. It is a very critical part of U. S. History but I find among many of my friends who are all very well read know nothing of this important event that happened during the Civil War or if you are from the other side of the Mason-Dixon line. . . the War of Northern Aggression. It is, well very good and informative. I thought of you Julie and Michael.

The Rachors are ancestors who settled near New Ulm, it’s unknown if they were part of the battle. It is possible they were, which is why this article is of interest.

Hundreds of Settlers killed in attacks

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