What a great ride it was

Yes, good Lord almighty it was a great run. I wanted to be in radio so bad, it was a force that dominated me. My good fiend Dave Morgan saw me feeling sorry for myself after I busted up my knee in a softball game. He chastised me and told me to get up and do something about my predicament. I went to KRAB and volunteered and well we shall see about what Paul Harvey said for decades was ‘The Rest of the Story’. This page will be where I share some of those highlights. I will start off with posts of some things in the newspaper.


FREE FOR ALL 6-27-93



This is from my Weekly Column ‘As I See It’. Some were more progressive than others, but most could be responding to current issues.

The party is over and the bill is due, NOW written 1993

School security was an important issue 20 years ago and for a long time before that. I had an opinion back in ’93 as I do now. 11-23-1993

As I See It on Schools

Just for the hell of it, I have always thought he was a punk ….. more later

Dan Quayle

Africa …. the issues are the same


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